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Friday, December 4, 2020

Believe: against all common logic

The Vested Summit, powered by S[k]aleUp Ventures Inc., was launched today in its third edition. This edition distinguishes itself from its predecessors in both format and theme. For starters, the COVID-19 pandemic has mandated that the summit take place entirely virtually. Speakers could take part through the video conferencing platform Zoom while registrants could watch the entire event streamed LIVE on facebook in a line-up of different sessions – keynotes, talks, panel discussions and fireside chats, all for free. The sessions were additionally livestreamed on the Vested Summit Facebook page. But in this year of firsts, the Vested Summit team decided to capitalize on the transition to the virtual sphere..



SAT, December 5, 2020

Thriving not striving: a story of a #ConsciousTech entrepreneur

Today marked the first day of the two-day Vested Summit in its third edition, which is taking place entirely virtually on account of the COVID-19 pandemic. The previous article reported on the opening ceremony and put this edition’s theme – “Believe!” – into context. Yet, faith in the potential and possibility for positive impact can only take a conscious tech business so far; material and non-material resources need to be brought to bear to jumpstart and grow businesses. If there were a sub-theme to the e-summit sessions of Day 1, I would say it’s the three pillars of success that a conscious tech business needs to thrive. These are financial wellness and entrepreneurship support, psychological and social wellness insofar as it underlies and promotes business growth, and the leadership that creates the conditions conducive to business success. In this article, I’d like to..



Sun, December 6, 2020

A Sustainable Future in the Making

Today marked Day 2 of Vested Summit 2020 and with that the last day of the e-summit. The conscious techies in attendance were served up a mixed palette of topics catering to an expansive range of concerns – from concerns about the technicalities of secure business-financial transactions through Blockchain technology to concerns about the future of work; from concerns about human-centered designs to concerns about modern-day capitalism. In way of roundedness, the palette of sessions incorporated a morning mindfulness meditation and a late-evening dose of esotericism about money. But such is the ethos of the conscious tech movement, which the Vested Summit pays homage to: an appreciation of the richness of existence, where harmony between the material and the non-material is not only possible, but necessary..

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