What happens when six talents, born across far corners of the emerging world but with one common vision, join forces to untap the potential that the people in power refuse to see? Originally gathered by the mission to research the emerging economies’ tech scene, a restless team of problem-solvers found themselves lost in the sea of possibilities. Inspired by the surreal capacities of their teammates, they joined forces to create something bigger: a platform to connect the boldest entrepreneurs and savviest investors together under one roof. It really didn’t feel like a company. It felt like a mission towards something much bigger.


A Digital Media Engineer & an Interdisciplinary Designer, Hala Gabr finds inspiration in a human’s state of ‘becoming’. Interests include concept, experience and system design aimed at developing projects in education, empowerment, behavioral change and tech. Recent work explores gender roles. With a curious eye, and an open heart, Hala is the experience designer and content curator of Vested Summit with a mission to bring more consciousness to the traditional tech story. Being ‘human’ is a miracle, honoring it is a mission of a conscious progressive becoming.


PARTNER & VP @S[k]aleUp Ventures

The visionary behind S[k]aleUp Ventures & Vested Summit. She’s a serial entrepreneur, a young Egyptian investor, a Silicon Valley vettern globetrotter between San Francisco and Cairo who has a vision of building a more equitable, sustainable future for emerging world economies through exponential technologies by igniting the full power of its youth. She calls them “#conscioustechies” as she coined the term conscious tech. She founded Vested Summit - the world’s largest #conscioustech summit has now become a global sensation building bridges between worlds as it is hosted in Egypt and attended by tech influencers from over 25 countries and a community of over 50,000 #Conscioustechies globally. She’s also kick started the world’s largest #Conscioustech syndicate of $1B through her digital platform “Crowdwealth” harnessing the power of the crowd and their collective human consciousness in creating new wealth by doing good. Salma was previously the cofounder of PITME Labs accelerator focused on MENA based startups in Silicon Valley. She advised and supported more than 120 startups over the past 7 years who collectively raised $60M and are some of the leading MENA based startups today. Salma is a graduate of both the american university in cairo and hult international business school with degrees in Business & Computer Science and a lover of life and beauty <3


Founder & CEO @ S[k]aleUp Ventures

Walid El Gendy has started his career leading a technical support team with more than 20 members, and got the top ranked reward in Vodafone for consistently delivering high and solid results. He left the corporate life to chase his bigger dream as an entrepreneur. With more than 12 years of experience with startups founding and co-founding more than five startups he has gained a big network of connections and business development tools. His main passion is to cascade his knowledge and failures to other startups to make their life easier.


PARTNER & HEAD OF BIZ DEV @ S[k]aleUp Ventures

This is Ahmed; we call him Ghaith. He is an electronics engineer and a certified IRCA Auditor/Lead Auditor QMS. He has a professional background of being a service engineer at Radio Holland Marine Group; a leading company in the global maritime market and in Panasonic factory solutions Asia Pacific in Singapore working on the cutting-edge technology in Electronics industry SMT. His great passion for research and analysis made him the perfect candidate for his first role at SkaleUp Ventures as the startups community ambassador and shark-zone lead; researching and creating a seed database of both frontier ConsciousTech startups in emerging markets as well as global conscious investors. This year, Ghaith is researching high quality speakers, bold tech topics and supporting the crafting of Vested Summit 2020 experience.


STARTUPS HUNTER @ S[k]aleUp Ventures

Meet Sheriff, a workaholic Software Engineer by profession and a creative UI designer by passion offering a versatile but focused skill-set; a balance between creative and technical qualities with an emphasis on user-centric practices. He CRAVES order and loves all things design and automation. Sheriff has a long track record of leading, managing and scaling cross-functional engineering teams and Software Product designers at many well-known enterprises. and now he's leading the Technical development and the Art direction of Vested Summit & S[k]aleUp Ventures Inc.

sheriff el-refaey

senior Tech lead @ S[k]aleUp Ventures

Ahmed is a Startup storyteller; who helps startups tap into their drama and find inspiration from their challenges. Armed with 17 years of experience as an entrepreneur, a manager, a consultant, and a coach, Ahmed is uniquely suited to lead the Due Diligence process for S[k]aleUp Ventures portfolio companies. Ahmed possesses the skills and knowledge in many domains, such as strategy, leadership, design, engineering, communication, self-management, and fundraising.


Senior Startup/ Investors Matchmaking Consultant @ S[k]aleUp Ventures

Business and technology enthusiast with over 9 years of accumulated experience in the fields of project management, technical sales and marketing, business development and consulting.


Content Manager & Speaker Relations @ S[k]aleUp Ventures

Chris Medina is an Investor Relations Associate with S[k]aleup Ventures. He is also Managing Partner & Co-founder of Tesserakt Ventures, a venture capital firm and accelerator that specializes in operational support. Through its product engineering, investor relations, and customer development services, Tesserakt has helped its portfolio of global companies raise over $80M so far.

Christopher Medina

Investor Relations Associate @ S[k]aleUp Ventures

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